Clary Fisher

Clary Fisher: Biography, Career, and Marital Journey

Clary Fisher, aka Clary Collicutt, is a renowned fashion stylist and designer. Her diverse talents have made her a fashion icon. Fisher is famous for her fashion sense, but she also made headlines for her marriage to Simon Konecki, who later married Adele.

Clary Fisher

Fisher is a versatile stylist who has worked with several artists and contributed to many projects across platforms. Her design sense and ability to create unique outfits have made her a trusted figure in the industry. Fisher’s passion and determination shine through in her television, music video, and fashion projects.

Who is Clary Fisher?

Who is Clary Fisher?

Clary Fisher is a skilled stylist, but she is most known as the ex-wife of British entrepreneur Simon Konecki. Konecki became famous as Adele’s ex-husband.

Clary Fisher lives with her daughter in England as a British citizen. Fisher was granted custody of their daughter after her divorce from Simon Konecki, showing her primary caregiving role.

Who is Clary Fisher?

Since her relationship with Simon Konecki was revealed, Fisher has garnered attention. Konecki reportedly sent Fisher birthday and Christmas messages after their divorce. These revelations have rekindled popular interest in their background. 

Full Name Clary Fisher
Profession Fashion stylist
Popular For Wife of Simon Christopher Konecki

Profile Summary

Name Clary Fisher
Profession Fashion Stylist
Nationality British
Ethnicity Mixed
Marital status Married
ex-husband Simon Konecki
Husband Paul Collicutt
Children 2
School London College of Fashion
Weight 59kg
Height 5 feet 3 inches

Clary Fisher’s Early Life

Clary Fisher's Early Life

Clary Fisher is one of the most private celebrity wives due to her intriguing personality. Fisher carefully maintained a private existence before and after her marriage to Simon Konecki. Clary has stubbornly refused to reveal her birth date, birthplace, and early childhood.

Clary Fisher has never discussed her parents or siblings out of respect for their privacy. Despite admirers’ curiosity, she refuses to discuss this element of her life. She was born in February and reared in Hove, although her mixed race and British nationality reveal little about her private life.

Clary Fisher Education

Clary Fisher Education

Clary Fisher is a renowned stylist and designer. Her keen sense of style and ability to effortlessly integrate complicated elements and color palettes are evident. With a strong educational foundation, Clary started her career at the London College of Fashion. She learned her trade and aesthetics from industry gurus here.

Clary studied fashion design at the prestigious University of Arts, London, to broaden her horizons. She learned design ideas and became a fashion powerhouse after this critical encounter. Clary began her career with unyielding ambition and a thirst for perfection, armed with immense knowledge and creativity.

Clary Fisher has always pushed creativity and innovation in her academic and professional career. Her unwavering dedication to her work and thorough attention to detail have driven her to the top of the profession, winning her praise from peers and clients. Clary’s unique vision and unwavering passion for her art continue to enchant audiences in fashion’s ever-changing world. 

Clary Fisher Career

Clary Fisher Career

Clary Fisher devotes a lot of time to yoga and environmental sustainability in addition to her successful personal styling career. Clary discovers peace and balance in yoga, which transforms her physical and emotional health. Her daily regimen includes this ancient discipline, which helps her find tranquility and resilience in life’s challenges.

Clary promotes environmental sustainability in Hove, her hometown, outside of yoga. Her commitment to reducing her environmental impact drives her to promote eco-friendly activities and raise community understanding of environmental challenges. Clary is dedicated to environmental stewardship, whether she’s fighting waste, promoting renewable energy, or cleaning up her community.

Clary lives by her ideals and convictions, driven by a strong sense of purpose and reverence for nature. Her dedication to yoga and environmental awareness enhances her life and inspires change in her community and beyond. Clary exhibits the transforming potential of personal passion and collective responsibility by practicing holistic living and environmental sustainability. 

Marital Life

Marital Life

Clary Fisher’s life arcs from childhood neighbors to adult relationships. Clary and her former husband, Simon Konecki, had a special friendship rooted in their upbringing in Hove, East Sussex, England. They grew closer as childhood friends in the same social circles, forming a lasting romantic relationship.

Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki married in 2004 after being young sweethearts. Welcoming their daughter in 2007, they became parents. However, Simon’s work as Drop4Drop CEO strained their relationship, sparking questions about his dealings with Adele.

Despite their best attempts, Clary and Simon’s marriage collapsed in 2008. Clary took possession of their kid after their divorce to keep her private.

Clary persevered and found comfort in Paul Collicutt, an athletics coach, illustrator, and storyboard artist. A beautiful coastal ceremony in East Sussex in July 2016 celebrated their union with loved ones.

Simon Konecki’s life changed as Clary started a new chapter. After Ed Sheeran introduced them, he and Adele fell in love and had Angelo Adkins in October 2012. Adele and Simon divorced in 2021 after their 2018 private wedding due to Simon’s supposed communication with his ex-wife.

Clary remained strong, raising her family and enjoying motherhood throughout these turbulent times. Clary, who has children from both marriages, handles life’s curveballs with grace and fortitude, proving that love, in all its forms, endures. 



Simon Konecki, Clary’s ex-husband, is a wealthy charity entrepreneur. Simon, 49, an Aries born in New York on April 17, 1974, is determined and active. He co-founded Drop4Drop with Lucas White and became CEO. Sid Owen and Stephen Fry support Drop4Drop’s laudable objective of giving clean water to neglected people in developing nations.

Simon and Adele divorced in 2021 after making headlines. Simon thereafter kept a low profile and avoided media attention. Simon now concentrates on his philanthropy in private, despite his many charitable efforts. 

After four years, she divorced her husband

After four years, she divorced her husband

Clary Fisher married Simon Konecki in 2004. From The Highway in East London, the couple moved to Flask Walk. In 2005, Simon, a top Lehman Brothers broker, left the corporate sector. After having Georgie in 2006, they moved to Brighton, where Simon co-founded an ethical bottled water firm.

Simon’s hectic business began to undermine their marriage, leaving Clary feeling neglected. Clary was unhappy despite Simon’s wish to be closer to his family, which led them to Brighton. According to the Daily Mail, Fisher was unhappy with the relocation from the start, straining their relationship.

Their 2009 divorce ended their marriage. Clary and Simon co-parent their daughter despite their divorce. Simon’s relationship with Adele raised concerns about his marriage to Clary, including the possibility of an affair. The details of Clary and Simon’s divorce are kept private by the couple.



Clary Fisher’s husband, Paul Collicutt, is a distinguished illustrator with a long career. After falling in love with painting in 1984, Paul studied illustration at Brighton College of Painting. He won the Parent’s Gold Choice Award in America for his picture book “This Train.”

From his Brighton, East Sussex business headquarters, Paul methodically crafts and publishes his paintings. Paul is deeply involved in his community, coaching the Brighton Phoenix Track Open and BMC Races in addition to his painting.

Paul is married to Clary Fisher and has a happy family in addition to his art and coaching. They love and raise Bob Collicutt together.

Paul and Clary also walk marathons for Macmillan Cancer Support, a cause they care about. Their participation in the South Coast Mighty Hike 2022 and Jurassic Coast Mighty Hike 2022 shows their dedication to helping others and giving back to their community. Paul and Clary inspire others with their compassion, resilience, and generosity through their philanthropy and creativity.

Clary Fisher Children 

Clary Fisher, a renowned stylist, is a loving mother to two children who represent distinct stages of her life. Clary treasures her 2007 daughter with Simon. Clary may not be well-known, but her dedication to her child’s privacy speaks volumes. Clary loves and respects her daughter and Simon despite the challenges of co-parenting.

With her partner Paul, Clary had a second child. Clary often posts about their family on social media, but this child’s details are private. These touching photos illustrate Clary, Paul, and their children’s strong family relationships and delight in their house. Clary shows her unwavering commitment to creating a loving, supporting family through these genuine moments. 

She is a fashion stylist

She is a fashion stylist

Fashion icon Clary Fisher is known for her exquisite style and numerous partnerships with various musicians. Her Instagram showcases her gorgeous designs, attracting a large audience. Clary is altruistic and environmentally conscious beyond fashion.

Clary, from England, studied fashion at the London College of Fashion and graduated with honors. Clary keeps her parents and childhood private despite her public appearance. She has a large social media following, proving her stylish influence.

Clary has worked with many artists, TV personalities, and clothing lines because of her exquisite but trendy style. She is lauded for her color and pattern sense and holistic approach to life, which includes yoga and environmental causes.

Clary earns more than the industry average as a fashion stylist, according to Payscale. Her television and print appearances have made her a sought-after stylist and fashion influencer.

Clary keeps her personal life private despite her success. One of her two children is with Simon Konecki, her ex-husband. Since becoming Drop4Drop’s CEO, Simon has received celebrity support and launched various humanitarian organizations.

Clary Fisher’s journey combines style, philanthropy, and environmental activism, making her a versatile fashion influencer.

She is a philanthropist

She is a philanthropist

Clary Fisher is revered in the fashion business for her exceptional styling and philanthropy. She collaborates with several artists and posts her gorgeous designs on social media. The world eagerly awaits her career advancement and industry success. Clary shares her precious moments with her two children online alongside her career success.

Clary, from Hove, East Sussex, England, studied fashion at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, London College of Fashion, and the University. Clary keeps her parents’ lives private on Twitter and Instagram, despite her public presence.

Clary married entrepreneur and environmentalist Simon Konecki in the early 2000s. Their long marriage produced Clary, their daughter before they divorced in 2008. After their divorce, Clary rekindled her love for artist Paul Collicutt and moved to Brighton, England, using this surname.

Clary and her husband enjoy parenthood and bonding with their two children. She started her fashion stylist/designer freelance business and created “Claire’s Closet,” a clothing line lauded for its immaculate taste and originality.

Clary’s unselfish social work has touched many people and earned her praise. Clary chooses seclusion above fame despite her accomplishments. Clary’s concentration is on her work and making a difference, even as admirers ask about her family. 

Interesting Clary Fisher Facts

  • Fashion icon Clary Fisher was in a passionate relationship with British philanthropist Simon Konecki.
  • Their four-year marriage broke from celebrity norms and ended in divorce.
  • Fisher’s love and celebrity story showed how public life complicates her personal life.
  • Fisher intentionally hides her birth date, birthplace, and family history to maintain a mysterious existence.
  • Fisher’s education at the London College of Fashion and the University of Arts, London made her a fashion design virtuoso and tastemaker.
  • Fisher found comfort in Paul Collicutt, an excellent athletics coach and illustrator, despite her marriage to Konecki’s difficulties.
  • Fisher and Collicutt share a deep regard and a desire to create a loving, supporting, and lasting family.

Clary Fisher On Social Media

Clary Fisher On Social Media

Claire Fisher has a small but engaged following of 348 on Instagram, her sole social media site. In this digital space, she shares personal stories and professional highlights, giving her audience a glimpse into her complex existence. Clary uses Instagram to tell her story, whether it’s about her style or her daily life.

Her Instagram feed captures Clary’s soul and allows her to express herself and convey stories. By sharing her travels through well-written pieces and appealing images, she connects with her fans across the digital gap. Clary connects her online and offline selves by sharing her experiences as a stylist, mother, and person, building community. 

Clary Fisher Net Worth

Clary Fisher Net Worth

Industry data shows that US fashion stylists earn $44,000–$66,000. Clary Fisher’s $2.5 million net worth shows her financial success throughout her career. These riches highlight Fisher’s fashion industry success and establish her as a prominent figure. Her enormous net worth shows her ability to turn her fashion styling skills and inventiveness into big money.

Statistic  Amount 
Early Income Range $44,000 To $66,000
Estimated  Net Worth $2.5 million

Clary Fisher FAQs

Who is Clary Fisher?

Clary Fisher, known professionally as Clary Collicutt, is a highly regarded figure in the fashion industry, revered for her exceptional talent as a fashion stylist and designer.

What is Clary Fisher known for?

Clary Fisher is celebrated for her remarkable contributions to the fashion world and her past marriage to Simon Konecki, former spouse of the renowned singer Adele.

Where is Clary Fisher from?

Originally from Hove, East Sussex, England, Clary Fisher’s roots lie in the picturesque coastal town of Hove.

What is Clary Fisher’s educational background?

Clary Fisher pursued her passion for fashion design at esteemed institutions such as the London College of Fashion and the University of Arts, London, honing her skills and expertise in the field.

What is Clary Fisher’s net worth?

Clary Fisher’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $2.5 million, a testament to her successful career and accomplishments in the fashion industry.

Who is Clary Fisher married to?

Currently, Clary Fisher is married to Paul Collicutt, an Athletics coach and talented illustrator, with whom she shares a deep bond and mutual respect.

How many children does Clary Fisher have?

Clary Fisher is a devoted mother to two children, one from her previous marriage to Simon Konecki and another with her current husband, Paul Collicutt.

What are Clary Fisher’s philanthropic interests?

Clary Fisher is actively involved in promoting environmental sustainability, engaging in initiatives aimed at fostering eco-friendly practices, and raising awareness about pressing environmental issues.


Clary Fisher’s story is constructed with amazing fashion styling and design talent, passionate environmental awareness, and unwavering generosity. She finds peace and meaning in being a loving mother and wife, despite her fashion industry success. Clary’s story inspires us to use passion, tenacity, and sincerity to navigate life’s bumps. Clary Fisher’s impact will last for centuries as she continues to make her mark in fashion and beyond.

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