Gabriela Moura Age, Career, Family, Net Worth & More

Gabriela Moura Age, Career, Family, Net Worth & More

Gabriela Moura age 19, born on June 18, 2004, and widely recognized as Gabimfmoura, stands as a prominent figure in modeling, dancing, and social media influencing. Hailing from Brazil, she radiates talent and vibrancy, capturing the hearts of many through her captivating presence on TikTok. Gabriela has cultivated a distinct online persona with a distinct flair, showcasing her remarkable dance prowess, seamless lip-syncing to chart-topping hits, and engaging short comedic sketches. Her content’s sheer brilliance has captured immense attention and propelled her to unprecedented levels of fame and recognition.

What is Gabriela Moura’s age?

What is Gabriela Moura's age?

Gabriela Moura, a rising star on TikTok, celebrated her 19th birthday in January 2024. Born on June 18, 2004, she falls under the zodiac sign Gemini, known for traits such as curiosity, adaptability, and strong communication skills, which likely contribute to her success on the platform. Being born in the middle of the Gemini period, from May 21st to June 20th, further aligns her with the characteristics of this sign.

As an 18-year-old, Gabriela has reached the legal age of adulthood, granting her autonomy to make decisions and assume responsibilities. This phase of her life may also see her completing her secondary education and contemplating her next steps, whether pursuing further studies or exploring career opportunities.

Who is Gabriela Moura?

Who is Gabriela Moura?

Gabimfmoura, a prominent Brazilian figure in the world of TikTok, catapulted to fame through her captivating content creation on the platform. Her repertoire, consisting of mesmerizing dance routines, spot-on lip-sync performances to chart-topping hits, and humorous short films, has been the cornerstone of her online stardom. With a substantial following across various social media platforms, notably Instagram and TikTok, Gabimfmoura enjoys widespread popularity. Additionally, she lends her support to numerous brands, including Lecame and VILLE, further solidifying her influence in the digital landscape.

Profile summary

Full nameGabriela Moura
Date of birth18 June 2004
Age18 years old (as of January 2023)
Zodiac signGemini
Place of birthRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Current residenceRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Height in feet5’6″
Height in centimeters168
Weight in pounds130
Weight in kilograms59
Body measurements in inches34-24-35
Body measurements in centimeters86-61-89
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourBrown
MotherLeticia Moura
Relationship statusSingle
ProfessionTikTok star, social media influencer

Early Life and Education

Gabriela Moura, a beloved TikTok sensation and influential figure within the realm of social media, originates from the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Born on June 18, 2004, Gabriela was blessed with a nurturing upbringing under the guidance of her devoted parents, particularly her mother, Leticia Moura, who played a pivotal role in shaping her character.

Sadly, Gabriela endured the heart-wrenching loss of her father, Mr. Moura, in July 2019, marking a significant turning point in her life. As a member of Brazil’s white ethnic group, Gabriela stands out amidst the country’s rich cultural mosaic.

Despite being an only child, Gabriela Moura has managed to establish a formidable presence across various online platforms. While further details regarding her educational background are forthcoming, her journey thus far reflects resilience and a determination to succeed in the digital landscape.

Parents and Siblings

Parents and Siblings

Gabriela Moura originates from a close-knit and affectionate family in Brazil, where love and support abound. Just as one might have siblings or cousins for companionship and sharing secrets, Gabriela finds solace and joy in the company of her family members, who are her biggest cheerleaders. Their presence fills their home with the sounds of laughter, music, and spontaneous dancing, creating an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. Gabriela cherishes these moments spent with her family, knowing that their unwavering support accompanies her every step as she continues to captivate hearts worldwide with her mesmerizing talent and infectious energy.

Husband and Boyfriend

Husband and Boyfriend

Gabriela Moura shares a special bond with someone who brings immense joy and laughter into her life – none other than Josh Richards, a fellow TikTok sensation. Together, they form an unstoppable duo akin to superheroes, except instead of battling villains, they spread happiness through their incredible videos.

Picture having a best friend who shares your passions and interests – that’s the dynamic Gabriela and Josh embody. They effortlessly synchronize their dance moves, exchange playful expressions, and weave narratives through their captivating content. With each TikTok video they create, they radiate positivity and uplift spirits worldwide.

Their relationship is built on unwavering support, mutual encouragement, and above all, a shared sense of enjoyment. Finding someone who not only comprehends your aspirations but also shares in your excitement is a remarkable blessing – one that Gabriela has discovered in Josh, a companion in both fun and life’s adventures.

Gabriela Moura Career

Gabriela Moura Career

Gabriela is a versatile personality who has established herself across various domains. She shines as a TikTok luminary, celebrated for her captivating lip-syncs, mesmerizing dances, and comedic sketches. Her journey on TikTok commenced in March 2020, swiftly propelling her into the limelight. Presently, she boasts an impressive following of 9 million fans, with her videos amassing a staggering 249 million likes, a testament to her widespread appeal and the engaging content she produces.

However, Gabriela’s influence transcends TikTok, extending seamlessly to platforms like Instagram. There, her fashion-forward modeling shots have garnered significant traction, further amplifying her fame. With a commendable following of 1 million on Instagram alone, Gabriela continues to captivate audiences with her distinctive style and persona.

Moreover, she maintains an active presence on Twitter, amassing over 14 thousand followers, thus solidifying her status as a social media maven with a diverse and engaged audience across multiple platforms.

Gabriela Moura Before Fame

Before capturing our hearts on TikTok, Gabriela Moura was just a child in Rio, reveling in the joy of movement and music. Imagine a young Gabriela, dancing freely around her home, choreographing her mini-performances. While she didn’t yet boast a fanbase of millions, she possessed grand aspirations. Each step she took and every rhythm she swayed to held the promise of future brilliance.

During those early days, Gabriela was immersed in learning and enjoyment, unaware of the stardom that awaited her. Like nurturing a seed and witnessing it flourish, Gabriela embarked on her journey toward becoming a dancing sensation, laying the foundation for her eventual rise to prominence.

Legacy and Impact

Gabriela Moura radiates like a luminous beacon through her dance and entertaining videos. She effortlessly demonstrates to audiences of all ages that sharing one’s joy and talents is not only admirable but also incredibly cool. Envision igniting a spontaneous dance party that transcends borders, causing smiles and rhythmic movements across the globe – that’s the magic Gabriela ignites. With her infectious energy and vibrant choreography, she motivates individuals to embrace happiness and groove to their unique rhythm. Her videos serve as conduits of joy, creating a ripple effect of positivity that resonates from one person to countless others, infusing the world with an extra dose of fun and excitement.

Gabriela Moura Hobbies

Dancing is Gabriela’s passion; it’s her way of immersing herself in a world of beats and rhythms, where every movement tells a story. Creating captivating TikTok videos is another avenue through which she expresses her creativity, akin to orchestrating a magical performance for her online friends and followers.

When it comes to leisure, Gabriela cherishes spending quality time with her friends and family, relishing shared laughter and cherished moments. Nothing excites her more than embarking on new adventures through travel, where she eagerly explores unfamiliar landscapes, discovers hidden gems, and forges connections with people from diverse backgrounds.

Gabriela Moura Favorite Thing

Gabriela finds immense joy in simple pleasures, such as indulging in ice cream on scorching days, and savoring each spoonful as if it were a taste of pure happiness. Being a native of Brazil, beach days hold a special place in her heart, where the soft sand and soothing waves offer a sanctuary for relaxation and play.

Music serves as a source of delight for Gabriela, igniting her spirit with lively rhythms and melodies that resonate deeply within her. When it comes to companionship, she has a soft spot for dogs, considering them the ultimate companions who never fail to bring warmth, joy, and unwavering loyalty into her life through playful antics and comforting cuddles.

What is Gabriela Moura’s net worth?

Gabriela Moura’s reported net worth stands at an estimated $1 million, primarily amassed through her thriving presence in the realm of social media. Leveraging her captivating content, Gabriela has garnered a substantial following, translating into lucrative opportunities for income generation.

In addition to her social media endeavors, Gabriela secures notable financial gains through lucrative brand endorsements, further solidifying her financial stature.

Social Media

Social Media

Gabriela Moura maintains an active presence on social media platforms. On Instagram, she boasts a dedicated following of 1 million fans, with 773 accounts being reciprocally followed. Across 234 posts, Gabriela shares glimpses of her life and endeavors, although her account has yet to receive the coveted blue verification badge.

While not currently engaged on Facebook, Gabriela’s presence on this platform remains inactive. Similarly, her official Twitter account is yet to be discovered. However, future updates may see Gabriela expanding her social media footprint to include these platforms.

Gabriela’s primary platform of activity is TikTok, where she commands an impressive following of 9 million fans and has garnered a remarkable 251.7 million likes, solidifying her status as a prominent figure within the TikTok community.

Interesting Facts

  • Gabriela is bilingual and fluent in both Portuguese and English.
  • Her passion for dancing ignited during her early childhood.
  • Gabriela possesses a unique skill: the ability to wiggle her ears without any physical contact.
  • Bright yellow resonates as Gabriela’s favorite color, mirroring the warmth of the sun and her cheerful online presence.
  • In a remarkable display of dedication, Gabriela once danced continuously for 24 hours to support a charitable cause.
  • Her hat collection is extensive, often featuring a different hat in each of her videos.
  • Despite her fame, Gabriela harbors a fear of darkness, evident by the presence of a night light in her room.


What is Gabriela Moura’s age?

Gabriela Moura, also known as Gabimfmoura, was born on June 18, 2004, making her 19 years old as of January 2023.

Who is Gabriela Moura?

Gabriela Moura, popularly known by her TikTok handle Gabimfmoura, is a prominent Brazilian figure in the world of social media, particularly TikTok. She rose to fame through her captivating content, including dance routines, lip-sync performances, and comedic sketches.

Who are Gabriela Moura’s parents?

Gabriela Moura’s mother is Leticia Moura. Sadly, Gabriela lost her father, Mr. Moura, in July 2019.

What is Gabriela Moura’s relationship status?

Gabriela Moura is currently single.

What are Gabriela Moura’s hobbies?

Gabriela’s passions include dancing, creating TikTok videos, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and enjoying simple pleasures like ice cream and beach days.

What is Gabriela Moura’s net worth?

Gabriela Moura’s reported net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, primarily earned through her successful career in social media.


Gabriela Moura, known to her followers as Gabimfmoura, emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of social media, representing the vibrant spirit of Brazil. Since her birth on June 18, 2004, she has established herself as a prominent figure, particularly on TikTok, where her content resonates deeply with audiences worldwide. Through captivating dance performances, flawless lip-syncing, and witty comedic sketches, Gabriela has captivated the hearts of millions. Despite encountering personal hurdles along her journey, Gabriela’s unwavering determination and resilience have propelled her to unparalleled heights of fame and success.

Her magnetic energy and authentic persona serve as beacons of inspiration, fostering a sense of connection and empowerment among her vast audience. As she continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Gabriela remains a beacon of positivity, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends digital boundaries.

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