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Imani Duckett Wikipedia: Who Is She? Know About Actress Jasmine Guy’s Daughter

Imani Duckett, the 25-year-old daughter of Jasmine Guy and her ex-husband Terrence Duckett, was born on March 28, 1999. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Imani has ventured into the entertainment industry as an actress, model, and dancer.

Imani initially began her career as a model, but her passion for acting soon took over. Influenced significantly by her mother, Jasmine Guy, Imani developed a strong interest in acting and dancing. Her exceptional talent has helped her build a dedicated fan base, showcasing her skills and making a name for herself in the industry.

For those interested in learning more about Imani’s journey and achievements, there is much more to discover about her life and career.

Who Is Imani Duckett?

Who Is Imani Duckett?

Imani Duckett, born on March 28, 1999, is the 25-year-old daughter of the acclaimed actress, singer, and director Jasmine Guy, and her ex-husband, Terrence Duckett. Imani has carved out her own path in the entertainment industry, showcasing her multifaceted talents as an actress, model, and dancer.

Imani began her career in modeling, capturing attention with her striking presence and natural charisma. However, her passion for the performing arts soon led her to acting. Jasmine Guy, known for her iconic roles and contributions to the arts, played a pivotal role in fostering Imani’s interest and dedication to acting and dancing. Under her mother’s guidance, Imani honed her skills and developed a deep love for the craft.

Through hard work and determination, Imani has built a growing fan base, earning recognition for her exceptional talent and performances. She continues to make a name for herself in the entertainment world, stepping out of her mother’s shadow and establishing her own identity. Imani’s journey is a testament to her commitment to her art and her ability to shine in a competitive industry.

Imani Duckett Profile Summary 

Full nameImani Duckett
Age as of 202425
Date of birth28 March 1999
Zodiac signAries
BirthplaceNew York City, U.S.A
MotherJasmine Guy (dancer, actress, and singer)
FatherTerrence Duckett
GrandparentWilliam Vincent Guy (Reverend) and Jaye Rudolph ( teacher)
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
Height in centimeters168
Height in feet5’6″
Marital statusSingle
OccupationActress, model
Net worth$2 million

How Old Is Imani Duckett?

How Old Is Imani Duckett?
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Imani Duckett is 25 years old in 2024, having been born on March 28, 1999, in New York City to Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett. Her parents welcomed her a year after their marriage. Unfortunately, their marriage ended ten years later when Imani was just nine years old. There is limited information available about Terrence Duckett, but it is known that he was once married to Jasmine Guy and is believed to have only one child, Imani.

Imani attended high school in Atlanta, the same city where her mother was raised. She is currently a student at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Imani has taken dancing and acting classes to hone her skills, aspiring to achieve the same level of success in the entertainment industry as her mother, Jasmine Guy. Imani credits her mother for inheriting her talent and passion for acting and dancing.

Imani Duckett’s Appearance And Body Measurements

HeightApproximately 5 feet 6 inches
WeightAround 55 kilograms (121 pounds)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Imani Duckett’s Early Life And Background

Imani Duckett was born and raised in the United States, immersed in the entertainment world from an early age due to her mother, Jasmine Guy, fame. Jasmine achieved widespread recognition for her role as Whitley Gilbert on the popular sitcom “A Different World.” This exposure naturally introduced Imani to the performing arts early in her life.

Despite this early introduction, Imani has forged her own unique path in the entertainment industry. While her upbringing provided a backdrop of fame and artistic expression, Imani has pursued her career with a distinct vision, focusing on her talents as an actress, model, and dancer. Her journey, though influenced by her mother’s legacy, is marked by her individual achievements and dedication to her craft.

Imani Duckett Education And Academics

Imani Duckett has placed a significant emphasis on her education, seeing it as a cornerstone for personal and professional growth. She chose to attend Spelman College, a historically Black women’s college in Atlanta, Georgia, known for its rich legacy of empowering women of African descent. At Spelman, Imani pursued a degree in Psychology, underscoring her interest in exploring the intricacies of human behavior and mental processes. This academic pursuit reveals her dedication to understanding the psychological factors influencing people’s actions and experiences.

While her upbringing in the entertainment industry gave her a unique perspective, Imani’s choice to study Psychology at Spelman demonstrates her commitment to broadening her intellectual horizons beyond the arts. Her educational journey not only reflects her desire for personal development but also her aspiration to contribute to mental health and well-being. Balancing her academic interests with her creative talents, Imani exemplifies a well-rounded approach to her career and personal growth.

Imani Duckett’s Parents Filed For Divorce When She Was Just Nine Years Old

Like many marriages that start with promise, Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett’s relationship began on a positive note. They dated for a while before getting married on August 22, 1998. The birth of their daughter, Imani, seemed to strengthen their bond, but frequent misunderstandings persisted.

After a decade, the marriage came to an end when Jasmine Guy filed for divorce in early 2008, citing irreconcilable differences. Their divorce was finalized on April 8, 2008. Following their split, both parents fought for custody of Imani. Terrence was determined not to be an absentee father and sought shared custody. However, Jasmine was awarded legal and physical custody, and Terrence was ordered to pay $1,469 per month in child support. Four years later, Jasmine filed a lawsuit claiming that Terrence had stopped paying child support in May 2010, resulting in $39,663 in unpaid support.

Imani Duckett’s Mother Is Propping Her To A Career In The Film Industry

Imani Duckett, with a natural talent and a strong desire to pursue an acting career, has her mother, Jasmine Guy, as her mentor and role model. Imani made her acting debut in 2006 with the Atlanta stage play “Serial Black Face,” directed by Freddie Ashley. She also played Latoya, a rebellious teenager, in another play set during the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders.

Imani’s initial foray into acting opened doors for her in Hollywood. In 2016, she landed her first film role in the TV series documentary “Unsung Hollywood,” where she portrayed a younger version of her mother. Four years later, she starred in the TV movie “Open,” playing Luna, the daughter of Wren, a character portrayed by Essence Atkins.

Although new to the film industry, Imani Duckett has garnered significant attention for her acting skills, largely due to her mother’s legacy. It’s clear that Imani shares her mother’s talent, and the world eagerly anticipates her growth and success in her acting career.

Imani Duckett’s Personal Life And Hobbies

Imani Duckett prefers to maintain a sense of privacy regarding her personal life, choosing not to share details about her relationships and hobbies with the public. Despite this discretion, she often accompanies her mother to different red-carpet events and public engagements, showcasing the strong bond they share. During her leisure time, Imani indulges in exploring her creativity through diverse artistic endeavors and cherishing moments with her loved ones.

Imani Duckett’s Beginnings In Acting

Imani Duckett is currently enrolled at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, following in her mother’s footsteps by pursuing a career in acting. She has also taken acting and dancing classes to hone her skills, crediting her mother, Jasmine Guy, for inspiring her passion and talent in the performing arts.

Imani made her acting debut in 2016 with the Atlanta stage drama “Serial Black Face,” directed by Freddie Ashley. In this production, she portrayed Latoya, a rebellious teenager and the daughter of a character named Vivian, set against the backdrop of the 1979 Atlanta Child Murders. That same year, she appeared in the television documentary series “Unsung Hollywood.”

In 2021, Imani landed a role in the film “Open,” where she played the character Luna. Although she hasn’t had an extensive acting career yet, due to her focus on her education, Imani shows great promise and seems grounded and levelheaded as she balances her studies with her budding career.

Imani Duckett’s Net Worth

Imani Duckett’s financial assets, estimated at close to $2 million, primarily stem from her family foundation, as noted on her Wikipedia profile. However, given her nascent career status, reports suggest that she currently relies on her mother, Jasmine Guy, for financial support. Jasmine’s prosperous acting career has resulted in a predicted net worth exceeding $4 million as of 2022, indicating solid financial backing for Imani.

While Imani has yet to fully establish her own financial independence, her family’s substantial resources, particularly her mother’s wealth, provide a cushion as she navigates her professional endeavors. With her mother’s financial stability and potential familial support, Imani has a promising foundation for future career pursuits, allowing her to explore her interests and ambitions with a degree of financial security.

Imani Duckett On Social Media

Imani Duckett maintains a reserved presence in the realm of social media and public engagements, diverging from the typical behaviors of her peers. Unlike many individuals of her generation, she abstains from owning any social media profiles and refrains from participating in public speaking engagements or media interviews. Instead, Imani prioritizes her focus on honing her craft in performance and advancing her education, demonstrating a commendable dedication to her personal and professional growth.

Despite her reluctance to engage extensively in public platforms, during the pandemic, Imani exhibited some activity on popular social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, her profiles remain relatively private, indicating her preference to maintain a level of privacy and control over her online presence. While a robust social media presence could potentially benefit her career aspirations in the entertainment industry, Imani chooses to proceed with caution, reserving her personal thoughts and experiences for a select audience.

Interesting Facts About Imani Duckett

  • Imani Duckett made her acting debut in 2006 at the Atlanta stage play “Serial Black Face,” where she portrayed Latoya, a rebellious teenager.
  • Despite her young age, Imani has shown a strong dedication to her education, pursuing a degree in Psychology at Spelman College.
  • Imani’s financial assets are estimated to be around $2 million, primarily stemming from her family foundation, with her mother Jasmine Guy providing substantial support.
  • She maintains a relatively private personal life, preferring not to share details about her relationships and personal interests on social media or public platforms.
  • Imani’s talent and passion for acting and dancing are influenced by her mother, Jasmine Guy, who has been a guiding mentor in her career journey.

FAQs About Imani Duckett

1. What is Imani Duckett’s age?

Imani Duckett was born on March 28, 1999, making her 25 years old as of 2024.

2. Who are Imani Duckett’s parents?

Imani Duckett is the daughter of Jasmine Guy, a renowned actress, singer, and director, and her ex-husband Terrence Duckett.

3. Where was Imani Duckett born?

Imani Duckett was born in New York City, USA.

4. What is Imani Duckett’s educational background?

Imani Duckett pursued a degree in Psychology at Spelman College, a historically Black women’s college in Atlanta, Georgia.

5. What is Imani Duckett’s net worth?

Imani Duckett’s financial assets are estimated to be around $2 million, primarily stemming from her family foundation. However, reports suggest that she currently relies on her mother, Jasmine Guy, for financial support.


Imani Duckett is emerging as a bright talent in showbiz, taking cues from her accomplished mother, Jasmine Guy. Though still young, Imani exhibits an impressive level of dedication to her craft, shining as an actress, model, and dancer. Her commitment to excellence is evident not just in her professional pursuits but also in her academic endeavors, reflecting a balance between artistic expression and intellectual growth. With each step she takes in her career and personal life, Imani embodies a sense of individuality and determination, setting herself apart as a rising star in the entertainment landscape. As she continues on her path, Imani Duckett stands as a figure poised to leave a lasting impact, not just in showbiz but in broader spheres as well.

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