Shamicka Gibbs: The Radiant Force Behind Authentic Living


Shamicka Gibbs, a prominent American actress and TV personality, has established herself as a notable figure in the entertainment realm. She gained recognition for her appearances on popular shows like “Hollywood Exes” and “Braxton Family Values”. However, her personal life, particularly her marriage to renowned comedian and actor Martin Lawrence in 2010, has also been a subject of widespread interest.

Following their lavish wedding, which attracted considerable attention, the couple’s union unfortunately came to an end merely two years later. The abrupt collapse of their marriage left many speculating about the reasons behind the split between Shamicka Gibbs and the acclaimed comedian.

Who Is Shamicka Gibbs?

Shamicka Gibbs, born on November 11, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, is an accomplished entrepreneur and television personality. Raised by her parents Ronnie Gibbs and Susan Gloria, along with siblings Donnel and Gigi, Shamicka attended Rubidoux High School and later graduated from Leauzinger High School in 1993. She excelled in sports, particularly basketball, and was actively involved in her school’s choir.

Shamicka gained widespread recognition not only for her television hosting and acting roles but also for her high-profile marriage to comedian and actor Martin Lawrence. The couple tied the knot in 2010 but parted ways in 2012, after which Shamicka continued to focus on her career and family life, raising their two children.

Throughout her journey, Shamicka has exemplified resilience and determination, carving out her path in both the entertainment industry and the business world. Her story serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the strength and grace with which she navigates life’s challenges and triumphs.

Shamicka Gibbs Profile Summary

Full nameShamicka Gibbs
Date of birthNovember 11, 1975
Age46 years (as of June 2022)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthLos Angeles, California, United States
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Sexual orientationStraight
Height (in inches)5’ 7’’
Height (in cm)170
Weight (in pounds)130
Weight (in kg)59
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourBrown
Relationship statusDating
BoyfriendAntwuan Hill
Ex-husbandMartin Lawrence
EducationLeuzinger High School, Rubidoux High School
ProfessionTelevision personality, entrepreneur, chef, fashion designer
Net worth$5 million

Shamicka Gibbs: A Multi-Faceted Career Journey

Shamicka Gibbs epitomizes entrepreneurial prowess, navigating diverse industries with finesse and innovation. Renowned as a television personality, model, and chef, she has established herself as a multifaceted force in the business world. As the founder of SS Lawrence Collection LLC, Shamicka has demonstrated her keen business acumen, while her ownership of F8th Unit LLC underscores her versatility in entertainment and production.

Expanding her entrepreneurial horizons, Shamicka ventured into the wellness sector with the founding of Massage Envy SPA in the greater Los Angeles Area in 2018. This endeavor has since flourished, with ten branches across the United States, showcasing Shamicka’s commitment to excellence and her ability to thrive in diverse entrepreneurial landscapes.

Shamicka Gibbs: A Cinematic Journey Through Film And Television

While Shamicka Gibbs hasn’t graced the silver screen in any feature films, her charismatic persona has shone brightly on numerous reality TV platforms. Renowned for her vibrant demeanor and captivating presence, Gibbs has left an indelible mark on the reality television landscape. Among the array of shows she’s graced are:

TV ShowYear
Hollywood Today2013
Reality Relapse2014
Hollywood Exes2013-2020

Shamicka Gibbs Family

Shamicka Gibbs spent her formative years in Los Angeles, California, where she has remained rooted throughout her life on the West Coast. Despite her public persona, Gibbs maintains a tight lid on the details of her personal life, particularly regarding her family background.

However, it is widely known that she shares two daughters with her former husband, Martin Lawrence. Their children, Amara Trinity Lawrence and Iyanna Faith Lawrence are cherished parts of Gibbs’ life. Iyanna Faith was welcomed into the world on November 9, 2000, while Amara Trinity followed on August 20, 2002. Furthermore, Martin Lawrence has a daughter named Jasmine Page from a previous relationship with Patricia Southall.

Shamicka Gibbs And Martin Lawrence

Shamicka Gibbs and actor-comedian Martin Lawrence shared a deeply rooted romance that culminated in marriage after 15 years of courtship. Their union was celebrated in a private ceremony on July 10, 2010, in Beverly Hills, California, attended by esteemed guests from the entertainment industry, including Eddie Murphy and Denzel Washington. Martin Lawrence, renowned for his versatile talents across stand-up comedy, acting, and television hosting, brought a dynamic presence to the relationship, enriching their bond with his charisma and creativity.

Born on April 16, 1965, Lawrence’s career trajectory soared with memorable roles in blockbuster films like Bad Boys and Big Momma’s House, earning him widespread acclaim and recognition. Despite their eventual separation, Gibbs and Lawrence remained committed to co-parenting their daughters, fostering a harmonious relationship post-divorce. Gibbs’s heartfelt tribute to Lawrence on Father’s Day in 2021 underscored their enduring connection and mutual respect, reflecting the profound impact of their shared journey as parents on their family dynamic.

Shamicka Gibbs Marriage And Children

Shamicka Gibbs gained significant recognition through her union with the legendary actor and comedian, Martin Lawrence. Their marriage, celebrated in a grand ceremony in Beverly Hills in 2010, captured the attention of the public and media alike, portraying an image of profound love and commitment.

The fruits of their union are their two lovely daughters, Iyanna Faith, and Amara Trinity, who have been at the heart of their family life. Despite the couple’s celebrity status, Gibbs and Lawrence have maintained a low profile concerning their family affairs, prioritizing the privacy and normalcy of their children’s upbringing away from the spotlight.

The Couple Divorced 2 Years After Their Wedding

After just two years of marital bliss, Shamicka Gibbs and Martin Lawrence decided to end their marriage in 2012, opting for an amicable divorce. In a joint statement to PEOPLE, they emphasized their commitment to maintaining a friendly relationship and co-parenting their two daughters. Reflecting on the divorce a year later, Shamicka acknowledged the natural evolution of relationships, stating that people sometimes grow apart and face challenges along the way. While she chose not to delve into the specifics of their separation, she affirmed that both she and Martin were dedicated to prioritizing their daughters’ well-being.

Since their split, Shamicka has remained focused on fostering a strong bond with her daughters, Iyanna and Amara, fulfilling her role as a devoted mother. Additionally, she has cultivated a close relationship with Martin’s daughter from a previous relationship, Jasmine, demonstrating a commitment to nurturing familial connections despite changes in marital status. Through their dedication to co-parenting and maintaining harmony within their blended family, Shamicka and Martin exemplify a respectful and cooperative approach to post-divorce parenting.

Shamicka Gibbs Life After Divorce

Following her divorce from Martin Lawrence, Shamicka Gibbs stepped into the limelight by joining the cast of VH1’s reality show “Hollywood Exes” for its second season. This decision thrust her into the company of other notable ex-wives of celebrities, including Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s former spouse, Sheree Fletcher, ex-wife of Will Smith, and Mayte Garcia, Prince’s former wife, among others. Despite initial rumors suggesting Martin’s disapproval of Shamicka’s involvement in the show, she clarified that he supported her decision. Asserting her independence, Shamicka emphasized that she was a grown woman capable of making her own choices, regardless of any opposition.

Through her participation in “Hollywood Exes,” Shamicka not only showcased her resilience and strength in navigating life post-divorce but also provided audiences with an intimate glimpse into her journey. Amidst the glamorous backdrop of Hollywood, she navigated the complexities of co-parenting and rebuilding her life, earning admiration for her authenticity and determination. As she embarked on this new chapter in her life, Shamicka embraced the opportunity to redefine herself and inspire others facing similar challenges in their relationships.

Shamicka Gibbs A Life-Changing Diagnosis

Despite struggling with dietary issues since childhood, Shamicka Gibbs only discovered her gluten allergy in adulthood. To manage her health, she adopted a gluten-free, clean diet supplemented by regular exercise and a stress-free mindset. Motivated to inspire others with celiac disease, Shamicka launched a line of homemade, all-natural spices named “Don’t Hurt Cha’ Tongue Baby” and has been diligently working on a gluten-free cookbook to share her recipes and tips for navigating the world of celiac-friendly products. Through her Instagram account, the 47-year-old entrepreneur frequently shares mouthwatering meals and uplifting messages with her followers, offering a glimpse into her culinary journey and advocating for holistic wellness.

In matters of the heart, Shamicka has found a new love interest in author and businessman Antwuan “Ace” Hill. Despite her past marriage to Martin Lawrence, the former couple maintains a positive co-parenting dynamic, evident in Martin’s occasional appearances in Shamicka’s social media posts alongside their daughters. However, Martin has since moved on and became engaged to Los Angeles-based aesthetics nurse practitioner Roberta Moradfar in 2017. Recent social media posts by Moradfar hint at a new chapter in her life, suggesting that her relationship with Martin may have ended, marking yet another turn in the romantic lives of these Hollywood personalities.

Shamicka Gibbs Found New Love

Shamicka Gibbs has found a new love in author and businessman Antwuan “Ace” Hill, culminating in a joyous wedding ceremony at The Majestic Downtown in Los Angeles, California, in August 2022. Overflowing with love and emotion, Shamicka shared glimpses of their special day on Instagram, capturing the heartfelt moments from the wedding preparations to the grand reception. Their celebration continued with an eight-course dinner to honor Antwuan’s recent birthday, accompanied by a touching video tribute expressing Shamicka’s gratitude for his kindness, compassion, and unwavering support.

Inspired by her new husband, Shamicka embarks on a new chapter in her life, fueled by love and possibility. As they create new memories together, Shamicka’s admiration for Antwuan shines through, describing him as the man of her dreams and the answer to her prayers. Their journey together is marked by love, joy, and a shared commitment to building a fulfilling future. As they navigate this journey hand in hand, fans eagerly anticipate the adventures that lie ahead for this dynamic couple.

Shamicka Has Been Open About Health Struggles

In her Instagram bio, Shamicka proudly declares her mission to inspire others daily, a commitment she upholds by bravely sharing her journey battling Lupus. Diagnosed with Lupus and Celiac Disease in 2011, Shamicka refers to herself as a “Lupus warrior,” showcasing resilience in the face of health challenges.

Through her social media platforms, Shamicka frequently offers advice and insights to her followers. In one instance, she recommended her preferred brand of bioactive silver, highlighting its antimicrobial properties and immune-boosting benefits. Her willingness to share personal experiences and wellness tips reflects her dedication to supporting others on similar health journeys.

What Is Shamicka Gibbs’ Net Worth?

Shamicka Gibbs is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, demonstrating her exceptional business acumen through the establishment of multiple successful ventures. Through her dedication and hard work, she has amassed a significant amount of wealth, with Celebrity Net Worth estimating her net worth to be $5 million. This impressive financial achievement reflects Shamicka’s entrepreneurial prowess and highlights her success in various business endeavors.

Shamicka Gibbs Social Media

Shamicka Gibbs maintains a strong online presence, primarily on Instagram and Twitter, where she engages with her audience of 170,000 and 23,000 followers, respectively. Alongside sharing updates about her latest projects, Shamicka also provides glimpses into her personal life through photos and shares motivational content to inspire her followers.

Fun Facts About Shamicka Gibbs

  1. Shamicka Gibbs is not just a television personality but also a skilled chef, delighting her followers with her culinary creations and homemade spices.
  2. Despite her busy schedule, Shamicka prioritizes wellness and regularly shares tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on her social media platforms.
  3. Shamicka’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her diverse ventures, spanning industries like fashion design, wellness, and entertainment.
  4. The wedding between Shamicka and Antwuan “Ace” Hill in August 2022 was a heartwarming celebration of love, filled with touching moments and shared with her Instagram followers.
  5. Shamicka is a passionate advocate for individuals battling health conditions like Lupus and Celiac Disease, using her platform to raise awareness and offer support to others facing similar challenges.
  6. Despite the end of her marriage to Martin Lawrence, Shamicka maintains a positive co-parenting dynamic with him, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing their children’s well-being.

FAQs About Shamicka Gibbs

  1. Is Shamicka Gibbs primarily known for her acting career?
    • While Shamicka Gibbs has appeared on popular reality TV shows like “Hollywood Exes,” she is also recognized for her entrepreneurial endeavors and her active presence on social media platforms.
  2. What inspired Shamicka Gibbs to venture into the wellness sector?
    • Shamicka Gibbs’ journey battling Lupus and Celiac Disease inspired her to adopt a healthier lifestyle and share her experiences with others. This led her to launch wellness-related ventures like Massage Envy SPA and her line of all-natural spices.
  3. How does Shamicka Gibbs maintain a positive co-parenting dynamic with her ex-husband, Martin Lawrence?
    • Despite their divorce, Shamicka and Martin Lawrence prioritize their children’s well-being and maintain a respectful and cooperative approach to co-parenting. They often share moments of their family life on social media, showcasing their commitment to nurturing familial connections.
  4. What role does Shamicka Gibbs’ social media presence play in her life?
    • Shamicka Gibbs actively engages with her audience on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she shares updates about her projects, provides glimpses into her personal life, and offers motivational content to inspire her followers.


In summary, Shamicka Gibbs has carved a multifaceted career path as an actress, entrepreneur, and television personality. From her high-profile marriage to Martin Lawrence to her entrepreneurial ventures in the wellness sector, Shamicka has demonstrated resilience, determination, and a commitment to authenticity. Her journey, marked by both triumphs and challenges, serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing her ability to navigate life’s complexities with grace and positivity. As she continues to inspire others through her work and her openness about health struggles, Shamicka Gibbs remains a radiant force in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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