Jeffrey Glasko: Finance Luminary & Personal Journey

Jeff Glasko: Finance Luminary & Personal Journey

Jeffrey Glasko is a highly regarded figure in the finance sector, celebrated for his profound expertise in investment management and strategic financial counsel. With over two decades dedicated to refining his craft within the financial realm, he has become synonymous with delivering exceptional outcomes for his diverse clientele.

Jeffrey’s strength lies in his adeptness at navigating intricate financial landscapes, discerning emerging trends, and formulating bespoke investment strategies tailored to the specific goals of his clients. His comprehensive grasp of global markets, combined with his keen discernment, empowers him to make well-informed decisions that optimize returns while prudently managing risks.

Throughout his professional journey, Jeffrey has consistently surpassed expectations, steering both individuals and institutions toward financial prosperity. His unwavering commitment to ethical standards and integrity has earned him the unwavering trust and admiration of his clients, cementing his standing as a trusted and sought-after financial advisor.

Who is Jeffrey Glasko?

Jeffrey Glasko stands as a luminary in the financial domain, boasting a formidable career that stretches across more than twenty years. With a focus on investment management and strategic financial advisory, he has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled knack for delivering outstanding outcomes to his clientele.

Jeffrey Glasko’s profile summary

Full nameJeffrey Glassco
Date of birth6th May 1966
Age57 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthBal Harbour, California
Current residenceMiami, US
Height in feet5’11
Height in centimetres180
Weight in pounds149
Weight in kilograms68
Hair colourBrown-grey
Eye colourBrown
MotherDoreen Tellier Glasko
FatherBruce Glasko
Relationship statusSingle
PartnerDavid Bromstad(2004-2015)
UniversityRoger Williams University
ProfessionLaw enforcer

Early Life

Jeffrey Glasko, born on May 6th, 1966, entered the world to proud parents Doreen and Bruce Glasko in the serene locale of Bal Harbour, Florida. His academic journey led him to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Roger Williams University, followed by a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Old Dominion University.


Jeffrey Glasko currently holds the esteemed positions of Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager at David Bromstad LLC. However, before his notable association with David Bromstad, Glasko commenced his professional journey as a law enforcement officer with the Miami Police Department.

His career in law enforcement began in 1994, when he served as a special federal officer with the Federal Bureau of Investigation until 1999. Throughout his tenure, he demonstrated remarkable dedication and rose through the ranks to eventually become the tactical team leader of the SWAT police unit.

Glasko’s prominence surged following his relationship with his longtime partner, David Bromstad, a well-known American television personality and designer recognized for his appearances on HGTV’s “Color Splash.” Bromstad gained widespread acclaim after emerging as the winner of the inaugural season of the “Design Star” show. Additionally, he has showcased his talents in programs like “Beach Flip” and “My Lottery Dream Home,” providing viewers with insights into the realm of holiday interior design.

However, in 2013, Bromstad faced criticism online due to his collaboration with the Salvation Army in hosting the Red Shield Redesign Bash. The Christian organization had faced scrutiny from various LGBTQ activists for their perceived biases against the LGBTQ community, sparking controversy surrounding Bromstad’s involvement.

Husband and dating history

Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad’s enduring relationship, spanning over 11 years, defied the typical narrative of celebrity romances that often fizzle out as quickly as they ignite. Their journey began in 2012 when they crossed paths at a Valentine’s Day party in Firestone, Florida. Amidst the backdrop of ongoing discrimination against LGBTQ couples, Jeffrey and David opted to keep their love discreet, shielding even their closest friends and family from the public eye. However, their privacy was breached in 2010 when images of Jeffrey and his partner surfaced online, sparking rumors about David’s sexual orientation, which the couple confirmed later that year.

The announcement of their separation in 2015 caught many by surprise, leaving fans and LGBTQ communities in disbelief. What followed was a legal battle that took an emotional and financial toll on Jeffrey. He filed a lawsuit against David, alleging a breach of their oral cohabitation contract and seeking an equal division of their assets. Jeffrey painted a picture of despair, citing depression and engaging in destructive behavior to cope with the pain. He also accused David of reckless spending, fueled by substance abuse and infidelity, which drained their joint accounts.

However, the court ruled in favor of David Bromstad, deeming the petition void and invalid. In the aftermath of the messy split, Jeffrey retreated to Miami, where he now leads a more private life. His companionship primarily revolves around his two beloved dogs, Godiva BonBon and Dozer Bubba. While he hasn’t publicly embarked on any new romantic endeavors, Jeffrey remains focused on rebuilding his life away from the spotlight.

Net worth 

Jeffrey Glasko has amassed a reported net worth of $700,000, primarily derived from his career in law enforcement and his involvement in overseeing operations at David Bromstad LLC. Having served as a police officer and risen through the ranks, he earned a significant portion of his wealth from his tenure with law enforcement authorities. Additionally, his contributions to David Bromstad LLC likely contributed to his financial standing.

On the other hand, Jeffrey’s former partner, David Bromstad, boasts a net worth of $2 million. His wealth stems from various sources, including his television appearances, fashion design shows, and diverse business ventures, notably including ownership in David Bromstad LLC. Through his multifaceted career and entrepreneurial endeavors, David has solidified his position as a successful and affluent figure in the entertainment and design industries.

Interesting Facts

  • Jeffrey Glasko’s career trajectory shifted from law enforcement to the finance sector, showcasing his versatility and adaptability.
  • Despite facing backlash for their public relationship, Jeffrey and David Bromstad maintained their privacy until their images surfaced online in 2010.
  • David Bromstad’s rise to fame stemmed from his victory in the inaugural season of the “Design Star” show, catapulting him into the spotlight of the entertainment industry.
  • The legal battle between Jeffrey and David following their separation shed light on the complexities of personal and financial disputes, impacting both emotionally and financially.
  • Jeffrey’s transition to a more private life post-split emphasizes the importance of self-care and prioritizing personal well-being.


What is Jeffrey Glasko’s current occupation?

Jeffrey Glasko currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager at David Bromstad LLC.

What was Jeffrey Glasko’s career before his association with David Bromstad?

Jeffrey Glasko began his professional journey as a law enforcement officer with the Miami Police Department, where he served as a special federal officer with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

How long was Jeffrey Glasko in a relationship with David Bromstad?

Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad were in a relationship for over 11 years, from 2004 to 2015.

What was the outcome of the legal battle between Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad?

The court ruled in favor of David Bromstad, deeming Jeffrey Glasko’s petition void and invalid.

What is Jeffrey Glasko’s reported net worth?

Jeffrey Glasko’s reported net worth is $700,000, primarily derived from his career in law enforcement and his involvement in overseeing operations at David Bromstad LLC.


Jeffrey Glasko’s transition from a career in law enforcement to the finance sector exemplifies his remarkable adaptability and versatility. Through his expertise in investment management and strategic financial counsel, he has established himself as a trusted advisor within the industry. Despite encountering personal challenges, such as a highly publicized relationship and subsequent legal disputes, Jeffrey remains steadfast in his commitment to rebuild and prioritize his well-being. As he progresses along his career journey, Jeffrey serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing resilience and unwavering dedication in overcoming professional and personal hurdles.

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