Sabu Howard: Traylor's Son's Story

Sabu Howard: Traylor’s Son’s Story

Sabu Howard, the son of renowned American actress Traylor Howard, is known for his familial connection to the entertainment industry. Traylor Howard gained fame for her portrayal of Natalie Teeger in the popular comedy-drama detective mystery television series, Monk. Although Sabu himself has not yet ventured into the entertainment field, he has shown interest in his mother’s successful career and its impact on the industry.

Who is Sabu Howard?

Sabu Howard holds the distinction of being the eldest son of the esteemed American actress Traylor Howard. Traylor gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Natalie Teeger in the beloved comedy-drama detective mystery television series, Monk, which aired on the USA Network. Traylor’s portrayal of Natalie Teeger captivated audiences and contributed to the enduring success of the show.

Sabu Howard: Bio Summary

Full NameSabu Howard Portman
Nick NameSabu Howard
famous asson of Traylor Howard
Age17 years old as of 2023
Date of BirthNovember 14, 2006
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Zodiac signSagittarius
SiblingsJulien Portman
ParentsTraylor Howard

How old is Traylor Howard’s son?

Sabu Howard, born on November 14, 2006, currently stands at 17 years old as of 2024. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his paternity, speculation suggests that Christian Navarro, Traylor Howard’s second husband, might be his father. Traylor and Christian’s marriage, although short-lived, lasted for a year before their divorce in 2006. Notably, Christian Navarro is recognized for his role as Tony Padilla in the acclaimed Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. Although Sabu was born after Traylor and Christian’s divorce, his birthdate coincides with their previous relationship, leading to speculation about Christian’s paternity.

Traylor Howard’s romantic life has been the subject of public interest, having been romantically involved with several high-profile celebrities. Among them, she dated George Clooney around 1998 and reportedly sparked a romance with Ryan Reynolds during their time working together on the set of “Two Guys and a Girl.”

Following her divorce from Christian Navarro, Traylor exchanged vows for the third time on January 1, 2011, with Jarrel Portman, an architect based in Atlanta.

Early Life & Education

Sabu Howard, currently 17 years old, entered the world on November 14, 2006, in the United States. Raised in a nurturing environment by his mother, Traylor Howard, Sabu’s upbringing was filled with love and care.

Though details about Sabu’s father remain undisclosed, he grew up alongside a younger half-brother named Julien Portman, born in 2012. While specific information regarding Sabu’s education is not available, it is reasonable to assume that he attends school, following a typical path for children his age.


As Sabu Howard navigates his teenage years, his career journey has yet to unfold. However, the spotlight has already shone on him, courtesy of his mother’s illustrious acting career.

Traylor Howard’s notable performances in TV shows such as “Monk” and movies like “Till the End of the Night” have provided Sabu with exposure to the entertainment industry. Her success has undoubtedly inspired him to contemplate his potential path in this field.

While Sabu’s future aspirations remain uncertain, the influence of his mother’s accomplishments serves as a compelling backdrop as he considers his professional endeavors.

Personal Life

While Sabu Howard’s life has largely remained shielded from the public eye due to his young age, the romantic journey of his mother, Traylor Howard, has been more widely documented. Traylor has experienced the highs and lows of marriage, having been married and divorced twice.

Her first marriage to actor Cameron Hall took place in 1991 but ended in divorce just two years later, in 1993. Subsequently, she tied the knot with Christian Navarro in 2003; however, their union dissolved after three years. Presently, Traylor is happily married to Jarel Portman.

As for Sabu’s romantic endeavors, there is no publicly available information regarding his relationships or dating history. It appears that Sabu is currently prioritizing personal growth and is content with his single status.

Net Worth

As of now, Sabu Howard does not have an individual net worth, as he is reliant on the success of his mother, Traylor Howard. Traylor, on the other hand, has accumulated a substantial net worth exceeding $7 million.

FAQs about Sabu Howard

Who is Sabu Howard?

Sabu Howard is the eldest son of renowned American actress Traylor Howard, known for her role as Natalie Teeger in the TV series “Monk.”

How old is Sabu Howard?

Sabu Howard was born on November 14, 2006, making him 17 years old as of 2024.

What is known about Sabu Howard’s father?

Sabu Howard’s paternity remains uncertain, though speculation suggests that Christian Navarro, Traylor Howard’s second husband, might be his father.

Who are Sabu Howard’s siblings?

Sabu Howard has a younger half-brother named Julien Portman, born in 2012.

What is Sabu Howard’s nationality and ethnicity?

Sabu Howard is American, and his ethnicity is Caucasian.


In summary, Sabu Howard, son of the renowned actress Traylor Howard, has become a notable figure in his own right, thanks to his familial ties to the entertainment industry. Despite his youth, Sabu has already found himself in the public eye due to his mother’s successful career.

While the specifics of his personal and professional journey are yet to unfold, Sabu’s upbringing in a supportive environment and exposure to the entertainment world through his mother’s achievements offer a promising foundation for his future endeavors. As he continues to carve out his path, Sabu Howard emerges as a figure poised to leave his mark on the industry, drawing attention to his potential and talent.

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